Mum’s Sweet Secret – Your HMO ingredient brand




Sugars perform a variety of essential functions in the human body ranging from the simple provision of energy to complex control mechanisms.

Human milk oligosaccharides, also called HMO’s, comprise a family of more than 150 structurally diverse oligosaccharides. These unique oligosaccharides are extremely rare in nature and are found in high concentrations only in human mother’s milk.

Mum’s Sweet Secret offers the first biotechnologically produced human milk oligosaccharides for use as a food ingredient. Human milk oligosaccharides can now be added to food products – such as infant formula and functional nutrition. The goal of Mum’s Sweet Secret is to make the unique benefits of human milk oligosaccharides available to infants that cannot be breastfed, as well as to children and adults.

Breastfeeding ist the best nutrition for an infant because human milk not only contains high concentrations of a unique variety of human milk oligosaccharides, but also other nutrients that are vitally important for optimal children development.