About Mum´s Sweet Secret

Since they first evolved, Humans have consumed human milk oligosacchairdes. The consumption of these unique sugars in mother’s milk, is associated with a range of positive effects including prebiotic behavior, and the positive influence on innate and adaptive immune profiles. Breastfeeding was shown to improve brain development and enhanced neuronal functions.

In the past, the availability of human milk oligosaccharides was limited by their complexity and scarcity. In nature, these specific oligosaccharides are found in high concentrations only in human milk, and therefore cannot be obtained from the milk of domesticated dairy animals such as cows, sheep or goats. Furthermore , the structural diversity and complexity of human milk oligosaccharides is unparalleled by the structures of oligosaccharides found in other mammals.

Jennewein Biotechnologie now offers the first food-quality biotechnological produced human milk oligosaccharides, 2′-fucosyllactose, which is available at affordable prices and sufficient quantities to be used as a food ingredient. The human milk oligosaccharides offered by Jennewein Biotechnologie are produced by fermentation, which means their unique functional benefits are now available for use in human nutrition products.